Unique patent-pending tooth design!
Each tooth on the Angel texturizer has a special guide tip at the top and a polished tapered interior. This Hikari innovation results in a clean, damage free, textured creation on wet or dry hair.

The polished 8 degree angled interior tooth design results in resistance free movement through each section of the hair cut. No other texturizer in the industry flows through the hair as smooth as the Angel!

The Angel 777 (Medium Weight Removal): The Angel is the newest generation in the Hikari family of texturizing tools. New unique precision cutting teeth and even higher quality steel make it even more effortless than the famous 6032.  The unique teeth also allow you to smoothly pull the Angel through the hair in the closed position.  The 777 has a crane anatomic handle with removable finger rest. 21 teeth, 40% removal.