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Customers in the USA Please Click here to download a service card to send your scissors in for sharpening.

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Hikari Scissor Factory is the ONLY authorized Hikari service facility in North America. Because it is an extension of the Hikari Factory in Japan, all technicians are factory-trained in the art of hand-making scissors. Hikari’s team of highly skilled tradesmen will make your scissors like new again – every time! Customer satisfaction is their top priority, and they stand behind all of their work. For your convenience, the Scissor Factory will sharpen all brands of scissors, not just Hikari.


Every Hikari customer is a VIP and we offer a personal touch with customer service that you won't find anywhere else. We will do whatever we can to ensure that every Hikari customer is 100% satisfied. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

Service: 310-538-1513
Email: service@hikariscissors.com



All Hikari shears are covered by a one-year, $10.00 warranty. If anything happens to your shears during the first year, or if they just need a tune-up, send them in to HKR/Hikari Scissor Factory at the address below. When shipping your scissors in for service, we do recommend that you insure the package. Please include your contact information, a copy of your receipt, and email address.  We will send you an invoice for your online payment of only $10.00 to cover return shipping and insurance. Please note that we are no longer accepting checks. Hikari technicians will make your scissors like new again and ship them back to you. Please note that having your Hikari scissors sharpened by anyone other than Hikari Scissor Factory will most likely result in damage to your scissor and unsatisfactory performance. For more information on corrective work, please click here.

Standard Service

The regular service fee for sharpening Hikari and all other brands of shears is $45.00 for the 1st scissor, and $40.00 for each additional scissor. This includes return shipping. These rates only apply to the United States. For customers located in Canada, please click here. For customers located outside of the USA or Canada, please click here. **Prices are subject to change**

To send your scissors in for repair, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Click here to download a service card (it may take a minute to download). Once you download the service card, you can complete it and print it. IMPORTANT: Be sure to include your phone number, and email address to receive up to date status and avoid delays.

Step 2: In a padded envelope or box, enclose your scissor(s) (wrap each scissor securely with a paper towel to keep the blades closed and prevent them from opening during transit), a completed service card, and be sure to include your email address so we can email you an invoice for online payment.

Pay securely online (once we receive your scissor(s) we will email you a link to pay securely online. Be sure to pay within 48 hrs of receiving the email to avoid a delay in shipping).

**Please Note: We no longer accept checks of any kind!**

Step 3: Once you have completed steps 1-3, securely seal and tape your package. Insure the package, with the carrier of your choice (we DO NOT recommend sending your package in the mail with stamps only!!!) and send your scissors with the above items to:

HKR/ Hikari Scissor Factory
16102 S. Western Ave., Suite 201
Gardena, CA 90247

Questions? Please contact the Service Department at 1-310-538-1513


Where can I get Hikari service envelopes?
We are no longer sending out service envelopes. You can get free padded mailers and free shipping boxes from your local post office. Our service card is available online for you to print out. If you are unable to print out the service card, please provide the required information on a sheet of paper (name, phone #, email address, and shipping address. 

Are there any other service centers authorized to sharpen Hikari shears?
No! We do not recommend that you have your shears sharpened by anyone other than HKR/Hikari Scissor Factory. Sharpening by another service center will void the warranty and even worse, damage the scissor. Other sharpeners may claim that they are certified to sharpen our shears, but they are not! You will never see an authorized Hikari sharpener working from a van or truck. With the exception of some trade-shows, all of our technicians sharpen at HKR/Hikari Scissor Factory.

What if someone else sharpens my Hikari shears?
The good news is that HKR/Hikari Scissor Factory can most likely fix your shear and restore its edge. It may take longer than usual, and depending on the extent of the damage, there may be an additional charge. Send it in to the factory for evaluation, and a representative will let you know what can be done. To read more about corrective work, please click here.

I need the scissor back right away, can I have my service/shipping expedited?
Regular service takes approximately 2-3 business days. We do apologize but the service time can not be expedited. Regular return shipping does take only 2-3 business days. However, if you still need express shipping we can offer you next day air with UPS. Please call HKR/Hikari Scissor Factory at 310-538-1513 to discuss shipping rates. 

How should I package my scissors when sending it in for service?
It’s easy! Simply put a rubber band around the closed tips of the scissor, then wrap the scissor securely with a paper towel to prevent it from opening during transit. Complete the service card (available for print at the top of this page) and/or your business card (it is important for us to be able to contact you, so be sure to include phone number and email address). Use any padded mailer/shipping box to ship your scissor(s) to us. **We do recommend insuring your scissors**

Possible Solutions to Common Problems

Pushing/bending/folding/chasing the hair:
This is most often caused by one of two things:

  • Tension is too loose. If, when you check the tension, the scissor is closing halfway or more, the tension is too loose. This means that the screw in the pivot area is loosening and the blades will start to come apart. When this happens, because the blades are coming apart, the scissor will "bend" the hair rather than cut it. Most people who do not check tension or check it incorrectly will start using their thumb to PUSH the blades together to get them cutting again. When they do this, they are "grinding" the blades together and will dull them very quickly.
  • The scissors are dull. They could have been dulled by cutting with the tension too loose (as described above), by applying too much thumb pressure (Pushing), or if they're cutting hair with product in it or dry hair (this will actually cause a lot of small nicks that "dull" the blade and cause "bending" and occasionally "pinching".)

Pinching/pulling the hair:
This is caused by a nick on the blade. There are several ways that a nick can occur. The following are helpful tips.

  • Be careful you don't hit your scissor on a comb or clip
  • When you set your scissors down, your scissors should be completely closed.
  • Cutting anything besides human hair (even wigs labeled as being made of human hair are often treated with chemicals - so we don't recommend using your scissors on this either) will cause damage to your blade.
  • Dropping your scissor
  • Lots of small nicks can build up if you are cutting lots of hair that has product in it or if you are cutting dry hair. These small nicks don't usually cause pinching as much as they cause "crunchiness" and "bending".

It feels "crunchy" not smooth:
I can hear the scissor - This is usually because the blades have a lot of nicks on them (see above) and/or the scissors have become dull.

These are all just possibilities - each scissor is different and the way you use your scissor and take care of it will greatly affect the performance of your scissor. We have found that when scissors do not cut properly, 99% of the time it is due to improper care and maintenance. Incorrect tension, excessive thumb pressure and nicks due to hitting the blade against combs and clips are areas that even long time Hikari users fail to perform properly. If you are experiencing problems with your scissor, the best thing to do is to send it to us to be checked and serviced. (Click here for instructions on how to send your scissor in) You are always welcome to call our service department to speak with a knowledgeable staff member about your problem. Call us at 1-310-538-1513.

Stylist's Beware

Other sharpeners may claim that they are certified to service Hikari scissors, but they are not! We do not have a certification program that we offer. Typical sharpeners will use different machinery and possibly abrasives that are too harsh for haircutting scissors. Most sharpeners also do not have the experience and training in restoring a true Hikari Precision Convex Edge. This results in a damaged scissor that no longer performs like new.
Note: In order to restore a Hikari scissor to factory conditions, that has been damaged by incorrect sharpening, corrective work is required at an additional cost. (Please click here to read more about corrective work).

Still have questions????
Contact the Service Department

Phone: (310) 538-1513
Email: service@hikariscissors.com

HKR/Hikari Scissor Factory
16102 S. Western Ave., Suite 201
Gardena, CA 90247