Attention Customers Located in Canada:
Please Read this before You Ship Your Scissors!!!


We recommend that you ship your scissors via Canada Post. We highly recommend that you do NOT ship your scissors via FedEx or UPS. FedEx and UPS will often charge very high customs and duties fees no matter how you fill out the Customs Form.  

When completing the Customs Invoice/Form, please be sure to note your scissors are "Returned Goods, Personal goods, used repaired scissors, no commercial value". Please note that you will be responsible for any and all customs and duties fees charged for this package when we receive it. You may receive a bill after your scissors have been serviced and returned to you. This is due to the delay in billing that we receive from UPS and FedEx. We will only bill you for what we are being charged. We apologize if you are billed custom charges from the shipping company but please understand that this is out of our control and if there was anything we could do to prevent this, we would. However, using Canada Post instead of FedEx or UPS and filling out the Customs Form properly, will most likely avoid any of these fees. 

Step 1: Click here to download a service card (it may take a minute to download). Once you download the service card, you can complete it and print it. IMPORTANT: Be sure to include your phone number, and email address to receive up to date status and avoid delays.

Pricing is as follows: Regular service for Canadian Customers is US$35.00 per scissor plus shipping. Scissors that require corrective work will be US$65.00 per scissor plus shipping. Shipping via Priority mail is: US$16.00. Shipping via Express Mail is: US$33.00. Please Note: Due to extremely long delays in shipping, we will no longer ship via 1st class postal service. We are only using Priority mail or Express mail. We have found this new way of shipping to be more reliable and offer faster shipping times. 

Step 2: In a padded envelope or box, enclose your scissor(s) (wrap each scissor securely with a paper towel to keep the blades closed and prevent them from opening during transit), completed service card, and payment (unless you have chosen to pay by credit card online). 

For your convenience, there are 2 easy ways to pay:

1. Pay securely online (once we receive your scissor(s) we will email you a link to pay securely online. Be sure to pay within 48 hrs of receiving the email to avoid a delay in shipping).

2. Include your cc information on the service card (once we receive your scissor(s) we will charge the cc provided on the service card.

Step 3: Once you have completed steps 1-3, securely seal and tape your package. Insure the package and ship with your local postal service (We do not recommend UPS or FedEx, their customs and duties fees are substantially higher than the postal service) and send your scissors with the above items to:

HKR/ Hikari Scissor Factory
16102 S. Western Ave., Suite 201
Gardena, CA 90247

Thank you for your loyal support and we look forward to taking care of your tools.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact our service department directly
at 310-538-1513. Our office hours are Monday-Friday, from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Pacific Time).