Texturizer Add-On Special!
**This is a limited time special and limited quantities are available at these prices.**

Are you looking for a great finishing tool?
For a limited time, add a Hikari texturizer to any Hikari scissor purchase and save $50!


Trendy model 741 (5.75") Special Price: $695.00


Angel model 776 (6.0") Special Price: $995.00

Hikari texturizers are the best texturizers in the world!

**The add-on price is only good with the purchase of another Hikari scissor.
The scissors must be purchased together (can't be purchased separately

Enter Code: 50text at the time of checkout.
**Note: If no other scissor is purchased, the coupon code is invalid.**

Unlike other texturizers, Hikari texturizers cut cleanly through the hair and don’t pull, pinch or grab the hair. You get the same smooth, clean cut that you get from Hikari scissors. If you do a lot of texturizing, owning a Hikari texturizer is a must!


Etaro Texturizer Model TX575
Special Price: $269.00

Etaro Model TX575 (27 teeth, 20% Removal): $269.00
Etaro Model TM575 (27 teeth, 40% Removal): $269.00

For a limited time, add an Etaro texturizer to any scissor purchase and save $20! Enter Code: 20etext at the time of checkout.

**Note: If no other scissor is purchased, the coupon code is invalid.**

Note: Etaro scissors are not made by Hikari. Etaro is made in China and then the blades are reshaped and refinished by Hikari USA technicians.

Click here to read more about Etaro texturizers
and the entire Etaro scissor line.

Note: There is currently a very popular scissor company selling these exact scissors (they are manufactured by the same factory in China) for $600 to $1200! However, Etaro will out perform their scissors because the Etaro blades are reshaped and finished by Hikari USA. If you own scissors from this extremely popular scissor company, we ask you to compare our $269 scissor vs their $600-$1200 scissors. We guarantee Etaro will out perform their scissors or your money back! Spend 1/4 the price and get better performance, guaranteed! Contact us for details.