Recent Customer Reviews

These are recent comments that we have received from our awesome Hikari customers! Note: All reviews are real and authentic. Verification of all reviews are available at our offices in Gardena, CA.

Shawn O. of Honolulu, HI - December 13, 2022
"Hikari is the Best! Let me rephrase that as Educational, Professional, Knowledgeable, I can care for my shears with great precision having all of Hikari staff guiding me. If there is any other educational tapes to learn with please forward I feel I've accomplished goals with Hikari tools making my Bucket List worthy for my guests & self!

Janice T. of Washington, D.C. - October 14, 2022
"Hikari is a classy company. You get all 5's from me. Thank you for your service to me. I am satisfied with your service."

James C. of Henderson, NV - October 14, 2022
"Excellent, as always. Thank you!"

Andre G. of Sedona, AZ - October 13, 2022
"Service is always impeccable. I started to use Hikari scissors in the early 90's. They never fail me. It has always been a pleasure to work at my craft with the best scissors made available to hairstylists. The only people that touch my scissors are me and the technicians at Hikari when I send them to be sharpened."

Cindy S. of Vineland, NJ - October 13, 2022
" Quality of service is perfection! Service is perfect every time! Speed is great - I live on the east coast and receive my scissors in a timely fashion."

Pam P. of Oronoco. MN - October 13, 2022
"Quality of service is always a 5! I have had my Hikari shears and one other brand sharpened with this company for over 25 years. I wouldn't send them anywhere else!"

Kim C. of Franklin, MA - October 13, 2022
"Excellent as always"

Diane C. of Prescott, AZ - October 13, 2022
"I've used the same Hikari shears for over 40 years and they are still perfect."

Danielle C. of Gaithersburg, MD - September 20, 2022
"The best sharpening I've ever had with my shears. Been doing hair for 30 years! Excellent customer service."

Dena B. of Santee, CA - September 20, 2022
"Very happy with your service. Professional, done quickly, mailed to correct address...My shears needed sharpening in the worst way! Thank you!"

Dianna R. of Flourtown, PA - September 14, 2022
"Hi, the customer service with Hikari over the years has been fabulous!! that has never changed !!!! I appreciate you guys so very much!! I got my scissors back and they're very very sharp !!! Thank you so much for your service!!!

Katherine L. of Vancouver, BC Canada - September 14, 2022
"Your phone gals are always polite and helpful. You have always done an excellent job for all of these years. Keep up the good work."

Lori W. of Tulare, CA - September 14, 2022
"I have always trusted Hikari scissor factory to sharpen my shears & have always been VERY satisfied with them!! Their service is always great too!! Thank you!"

Barbara B. of Mobile, AL - September 14, 2022
"Great job on my shears! Got them back in record time."

Angie H. of Nashville, TN - September 14, 2022
"I found the representative very helpful. I have used Hikari shears for over 60 years...they continue to be the best!"

Karen W. of Reisterstown, MD - August 22, 2022
"I have always received great service. I was on vacation and they were here when I got back...perfect!"

Joan G. of Bothell, WA - August 21, 2022
"Your rating is only 5... I give you 10's across the board. Thank you so much for your quality workmanship and superior customer service! You're awesome!

Jeffrey S. of Seal Beach, CA - August 19, 2022
"Really enjoyed the person who sold me my scissors...everyone was very nice. I physically brought scissors in for sharpening and returned in two hrs. They were ready as promised."

Debbie S. of Bethel, CT - August 19, 2022
"Unbelievably great service, one week turn around, excellent service."

Dominique S. of Alhambra, CA - July 16, 2022
"I have been a stylist since 1999 and own 3 pairs of your shears. They are by far my most accurate and favorite tools. I only have them and my other streaks sharpened with Hikari because I have never been disappointed in my result, and the results last until the next sharpening every time."

Maureen L. of N Augusta, SC - July 15, 2022
"I've owned Hikari scissors since back in the 80's, I love them! You're the only ones I trust to sharpen them."

Marisol G. of Santa Barbara, CA - July 15, 2022
"My scissors always come back in tip top shape. They cut like butter and everything is in tact. Being an out of town client I think the turnaround seems to be faster than in past years and it's excellent bc I use my shears everyday."

Lynn H. of Charleston, SC - July 15, 2022
"I have been a hairdresser for 47 years and for much of my career I have used Hikari scissors. I couldn't be more pleased with the services I have received from the Hikari Scissor Factory. I would trust no one else with the most important tools of my trade! Thank you for providing such a valuable service that I can always count on."

Stacey M. of Englewood, FL - July 15, 2022
"I would give a 5 out of 5 on every question! EXCELLENT service!!"

Sharon S. of Dickson City, PA - July 15, 2022
"Each time I've called the person was wonderful. The representatives are knowledgeable and polite. I am very pleased with the quality of service. A week turnaround from PA to CA is good. Thank you. Good job! I love your customer service."

Chance C. of Frisco, TX - July 12, 2022
"The Best only use the Best!"  

Shelley D. of Los Angeles, CA - June 22, 2022
"Service was excellent."

Jill H. of Stoneville, NC - June 15, 2022
"I am so happy with all 6 pairs of shears that Hikari sharpened! I have been using a different company that was at a hair show and I thought they were o.k. until the last time there was a gap between the blades and the hair would just bend, but with Hikari my shears glide through the hair like melted butter...Thank you!

Wendy S. of Fosston, MN - June 14, 2022
"My shears are like brand new! Service was fast and excellent! I will be sending my next shears soon! Thank you."

Brandie N. of Peoria, AZ - June 14, 2022
"Quality of service is amazing as always. Turnaround was much faster than I expected. I always wished I could buy replacement bamboo boxes. I purchased my Hikari's in 1994 and have carried them in the bamboo boxes they came in ever since. People always compliment them. I am thankful that you had a carrying case option to purchase at a reasonable price. I'm also thankful that my shears have really held on to their value. I love my New Chikara's, just as much today as the day I first received them!

Shelly A. of Chicago, IL - June 14, 2022
"The customer service is always great! All 5's!"

Bonnie B. of Quincy, IL - May 26, 2022
"I appreciate your is excellent!"

Wayne N. of Windsor, Ontario Canada - May 18, 2022
"Thank you. Customer comment card below (highest review possible). I got these two scissors in the 1970's while working at the Vidal Sassoon Salon. They are very precious to me... Since their return I have used them both with outstanding results. I could not be happier."

Kitty R. of La Crosse, WI - May 15, 2022
"Your service is excellent."

Keith P. of W Hartford, CT - May 15, 2022
"I always send my scissor to Hikari to be sharpened due to the quality, excellence and turn around time."

Renee H. of Jacksonville Beach, FL - May 13, 2022
"Shears are like new again! Service was quicker than expected."

Maureen H. of Phoenix, AZ - May 13, 2022
"The customer service was excellent 5. I was very happy with the sharpening on my scissors 5. The turn around on when you received my scissors to when I got them back was very quick 5. Thank you so much for your service."

John S. of San Diego, CA - May 13, 2022
"It's always a pleasure to come directly into the office and drop off my scissors. Thanks to everyone in LA!"

Melissa M. of Los Angeles, CA - April 29, 2022
"I love my Dragon Cosmos and Angel Texturizer. I look forward to going to work everyday to use them. I have a little ritual I do every night to clean them. I am so happy with these. Life changing."

Don E. of Los Altos, CA - April 29, 2022
"It's different using all my Hikari scissors. I feel like I've been reborn using these scissors. Using Hikari has changed my world. I'm very thankful for our scissors. I loves my scissors."

Valerie B. of Centereach, NY - April 20, 2022
"5 all across the board...very satisfied, and the shears are perfect...received back so quick, kudos to all."

Chad K. of Oak Park, IL - April 20, 2022
"Loving my new 776 lightweight texturizer!!!" 

Denise N. of Carlsbad, CA - April 19, 2022
"Hello, I went to the website and followed super easy instructions on how to send my scissors in. I only use Hikari for sharpening. It's just been awhile! My scissors feel amazing, like brand new and I got them back quicker than I thought I would! So Excellent! Very happy! Thank you so much."

Debra B. of Lomita, CA - April 12, 2022
"In heaven everyday. I'm taking great care of them. I am doing all of the things that you told me to do when I bought them. I love my new Phantom Cosmos."

Cindy S. of Vineland, NJ - March 18, 2022
"I will always have Hikari sharpen my scissors because their work is superior."

Jules C. and Scott K. of San Francisco, CA - March 17, 2022
"Knowledgeable, friendly and efficient customer service. The quality of service was great and I am grateful that the one pair that didn't need work was left out as it was new and therefore fine. Always fast turnaround and I'm able to pick them up the following day."

Dennis C. of Punta Gorda, FL - March 15, 2022
"Excellent service & Thank you!!"

Vickie C. of Fullerton, CA - March 17, 2022
"Hi! My name is Vickie and I've used my Hikari shears for about 4 years now, they are my favorite! They are well made and allow me to work easier rather than harder! The sharpening service is top notch, and I've used them for a long time, always reliable. Thank you.."

Michelle C. of Camarillo, CA - March 16, 2022
"As always big 5! Very pleased even with your customer service team when I called and had questions too. Excellent service."

Rebecca C. of Lake Geneva, WI - March 15, 2022
"Your service and personal attention to each pair of shears is the most important thing that I have learned from working with you for over 40 years... I will always buy your product, use your services and refer you to everyone I can. You are by far the best and most superb shear company there is. Thank you for your services."

Michelle T. of Baton Rouge, LA - March 15, 2022
"I absolutely loved the customer service lady I talked to on the phone. She was a doll! The return service was great. Came back in a reasonable time frame."

Sheila D. of Lakewood Ranch, FL - March 15, 2022
"Representative was efficient and answered my question effortlessly and so nicely! Top notch. The absolute best in the world. Bravo and keep up the great work. Very quick return."

John H. of Marietta, GA - March 15, 2022
"Every year I send my scissors in to be sharpened they come back quickly and perfect!"

Katie H. of Castle Rock, CO - March 12, 2022
"I had a pair of scissors that needed to be sharpened and repaired. I sent them to Hikari since they still sharpen by hand. Other places who use a machine can easily knicked your expensive equipment. We need to protect our investment, and treat our scissors right. They accomplish it very well at Hikari. I do not hesitate to quickly recommend Hikari services and scissors to my friends and colleagues. Thank you."

Glenn M. of Ashland, OR - February 19, 2022
"I've been getting my shears sharpened by Hikari for up to 30 years and have always found every aspect of their service impeccable. I would never go anywhere else to sharpen my shears. Hikari does and has always excellent sharpening. I've always had several pairs of shears so that I can continue cutting while one or two pairs are being sharpened. I have no complaints about the week I was without. I've been 100% satisfied with Hikari's impeccable service that I've received for around 30 years."

Janice T. of Washington, D.C. - February 19, 2022
"F.Y.I. I rate this company good, dependable and consistent. Thank you for your quality service."

Denise G. of Ixonia, WI - September 18, 2022
"Amazing service for 20 years - have never been disappointed with the workmanship and straightforward process. I hope you never go out of business!"

Maria A. of Philadelphia, PA - January 14, 2022
"Knowledgeable, friendly and didn't make me wait. Beautiful like brand new shears. They were back in no time."

Paula B. of Trinity, NC - January 14, 2022
"I am so happy with the turnaround time for sheer sharpening. It used to be much longer so I am really glad that has changed. It is becoming more predictable when I will get my sheers back. Thank you!!"

John N. of Arlington, TX - January 14, 2022
"Live my dragon cosmos 172. Yes I put LIVE. Lol."

Yuen L. of San Rafael, CA - December 16, 2021
"Your representative are the best! No suggestion you guys are the best. Veronica and Jennifer are the best representative that I have work with."

Zoe M. of Alexandria, VA - December 16, 2021
"I have excellent service for my shear sharpening and with the employee who helped me."

Teresa C. of Grafton, MA - December 16, 2021
"I am a loyal customer and wouldn't go anywhere else to get my scissors sharpened."

Kailash S. of Tucson, AZ - December 16, 2021
"I have been having Hikari sharpen my scissors for many years and this is what my experience has been. My scissors come back wonderfully sharp. The turnaround is quick. When I've spoken to a customer service person they have been very helpful. This is a great company that I am happy and satisfied to do business with."

Melanie H. of San Clemente, CA  - December 10, 2021
Dragon Cosmos, "My favorite pair of shears!"

Diana G. of Riverside, CA - November 1, 2021
"Thank you so much! I actually am so glad to have them finally sharpened!!! My wonderful shears will outlast me, I'm afraid, so I am happy to keep them as they are. They are truly the best shears I've used in my 50 yr career!"

Denise C. of Yucca Valley, CA - October 24, 2021
"I would give Hikari a 5 for all services. I love my shears. At 47 yrs. of doing hair they are my most favorite. Thank you for taking pride in your company."

Anne D. of Orlando, FL - October 20, 2021
"I was very pleased with the response time, the communication and the service. Well done!"

Nikki D. of Brewer, ME - October 20, 2021
"Wouldn't trust my shears to anyone else!"

James G. of Blainville, QC Canada - September 18, 2021
"THE BEST! Courtney is such a professional in every way! Quality of sharpening is So good! I've been sharpening all of my scissors with your company for over 35 years and they've always been amazing! Keep being Hikari it's a high standard!"

John K. of Doylestown, PA - September 26, 2021
"I will never have another person sharpen my scissors. Your factory does the best job and the scissors are like "new" again."

Yoshizawa N. of Honolulu, HI - September 17, 2021
"I'm always satisfied with your service 120%!"

Steve S. of Hobbs, NM - March 17, 2021
"Love the sharpening of my 2 Hikari scissors I give a 5 stars rating on a five star system!!! Thank you!!!!"

Kathy C. of Culver City, CA - March 17, 2021
"Always nice and very helpful. I love the scissor service! I never let anyone else touch my shears."

Brian K. of Ocala, FL - February 18, 2021
"Everyone was caring about what my needs are and service."

Kathleen P. of North Liberty, IA - February 17, 2021
"5 stars on all accounts. My shears have never felt better. Very quick turnaround and worth every penny."

Lorraine S. of Pearl City, HI - February 17, 2021
"On a scale of 1-5, Everything about Hikari; I rate it as (5) !!!!"

Carolyn H. of Santa Monica, CA - February 17, 2021
"The women at the front were very knowledgeable and nice! Very pleased with the quality. I won't go anywhere else. I am o.k. with the time they take. I waited for 3 shears to be serviced and had the rest mailed to me. It would be nice if they had a closer location, but I am grateful for the work Hikari does for me!"