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Our goal at Hikari is to provide stylists with the best tools in the industry and the best education available to use those tools.

We are honored that some of our most loyal customers are also the most renowned hairdressers in the world.  Some of the above featured videos are from various platform artist and educators that are owners of Hikari scissors.  These videos are from the most respected educators in the industry and are provided as a free service for our customers. (Please note that the featured artists are not affiliated with Hikari Products, Inc. nor are the companies they represent.  The videos are not an endorsement of Hikari Products and the scissors used in the video are not necessarily Hikari scissors.) If you have a video that you would like to have featured on this page and/or sent to our customers via our email newsletter, please call us at 310-516-0350.  We are always looking for great education for our customers.

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