Hikari Timeline of Innovations and Milestones

As the world's leader in scissor design, Hikari devotes considerable resources to new product research and development, resulting in a product line that is constantly evolving. Since 1968, Hikari has lead the Beauty Industry by being the most innovative scissor company in the world. Here is a timeline of some of Hikari's major innovations and milestones.

Early 1960's Mr. Takahashi's quest for perfection began...

Early 1960's, Mr. Takahashi's quest for perfection begins...

Coming from a family of hairdressers, the Legacy began with Mr. Fukutaro Takahashi, a champion hairdresser who in his quest for the ultimate haircutting tool comprehensively analyzed hair structures and metals and experimented with scissor design for many years.


1968, Mr. Takahashi designs and handmakes the first Hikari scissor and invents the Precision Convex Edge

In 1968, Mr. Takahashi designed and handmade the very first pair of Hikari scissors. This scissor featured the Precision Convex Edge, which revolutionized the concept of cutting sharpness, accuracy and durability.

Mr. Takahashi is also known for being the first to bring many other scissor innovations to the haircutting industry. Silencers (bumpers), finger rings, making scissors in matched pairs, using Molybdenum and Cobalt in stainless steel and vacuum heat-tempering steel to create amazing sharpness and durability are just a few of his many accomplishments.

1983, Hikari introduces the Full Anatomic Grip

The New Cosmos scissor with full anatomic grip changed the way stylists cut hair. Though often imitated, no other company has the same angles and curves of this legendary design. The full anatomic grip allows for greater agility and control. The natural fit of the handles around the fingers enables complete radial motion of the wrist, reducing stress and fatigue. This will always be one of the most famous scissors ever made and will be known as the first haircutting scissor to feature advanced ergonomics.

1986, Hikari invents the Crane handle

The classic crane design allows you to relax your elbow when executing scissor over comb and various other techniques. 30 years later, the crane handle design remains one of the most popular ergonomic features available on haircutting scissors. Many of the Hikari scissor models incorporate the crane handle design.

Including: The Blaze, The Crane, Beam Cosmos, Phantom Cosmos, and Phoenix Cosmos.

Fukataro Takahashi (Founder of Hikari Japan) being congratulated by President Reagan in 1989 for being voted one of the top businessmen in Japan.

1989, Mr. Takahashi receives an award and is congratulated by President Reagan

Mr. Takahashi was congratulated by President Reagan for being named one of the top businessmen in Japan. Mr. Takahashi's innovative scissor designs garnered worldwide attention and began setting the standard for tools in the beauty industry.

2002, Hikari introduces the Trendy. The first texturizer to leave no line of demarcation

The Trendy 741 is a unique tool that gives complete styling control. With the Trendy stylist's can achieve incredible razor-like results without damaging the hair. It is great for sculpting and shaping. The Trendy can be used on every haircut.

2006, Hikari introduces the B-Dry for dry-cut texturizing.

One of the first scissors in Hikari's dry cutting series was the B-dry. the B-dry was the first scissor created for dry-cut texturizing, slice cutting & creating a soft tapered finish. This unique design enables stylists to create new and exciting styles more efficiently and effectively. This is definitely a scissor like no other.

2010, Hikari designs the first scissor with a Guide tip.

The Guide is the first scissor with a patented blade design that allows a stylist to cut with extreme precision. A very pointy guide tip enables the stylist to scoop and cut the hair very close to the skin and around the ears. The patented guide tip has a smooth inside edge which prevents the stylist from cutting the client or themselves. Other shears that have very little metal at the tips (very thin tips) can dull quickly and lack power. This amazing new design retains all the power of a thicker scissor while providing true accuracy.

2011, Hikari introduces the Angel Texturizer.

The unique teeth allow you to effortlessly and smoothly pull the Angel through the hair in the closed position. No other texturizer is as smooth as the Angel. The Angel is the newest generation in the Hikari family of finishing tools. Like the Trendy, stylists achieve incredible razor-like results without damaging the hair. Leaves absolutely no line of demarcation and is phenomenal on thin hair. Great for sculpting and shaping. This is a texturizer that the stylist can use on every haircut.


2011, Mr. Kazuyoshi Takahashi is named one of the 100 most influential people in Japan's beauty industry.

Kazuyoshi Takahashi, President of Hikari Japan, was named one of the 100 most influential people in Japan's beauty industry. Furthermore, he was the only member of the scissor industry to receive this distinguished honor. Shown here in a photo from the Japanese magazine Kamikesho (Vol. 69), Kazuyoshi-san attributes this acclaim to his father (Fukutaro), who instilled in him a boundless passion for the beauty industry and zeal for creating the ultimate haircutting tools.

2012, Hikari Introduces the Phantom, the first scissor with Hikari's Five Finger Ergonomic Positioning System.

The most comfortable and stress free position for your hand is when all four fingers are bent slightly down and the thumb is bent slightly up. Keeping your thumb slightly bent at the knuckle is critical in avoiding stress to your thumb, hand, and wrist. Hikari’s Five Finger Ergonomic Positioning System is designed to keep your hand in this relaxed and natural position. The handle shank, ring finger hole and pinky rest are all angled slightly down and the thumb hole is angled slightly up. Each finger surface is also beautifully sculptured with a wide surface area.

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2014, Hikari introduces the Phoenix Cosmos, the 2nd scissor to feature Hikari’s Exclusive Five Finger Ergonomic Positioning System and the first scissor with Patented Negative Ion Producing Sev Technology.

SEV: A special ionizing compound that is injected into the Phoenix Molybdenum Cobalt steel creates less friction as the blades move across each other. The result is extremely smooth cutting action and less wear on all contact points of the scissor. SEV is a patented technology that has been used in Japan since 1978. Many high performance Japanese auto parts feature SEV technology. Hikari is the first and only scissor manufacturer to incorporate negative ion producing SEV technology.

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2015, Hikari introduces the Roto EPS, the 1st rotational ergonomic positioning system! Featuring Hikari's Exclusive Ergonomic Positioning System and a patent pending Rotator that rotates 70 degrees at the handle shank.

This allows you to position your fingers and hand at the exact angle for ultimate comfort. You no longer have to worry about moving your hand, wrist or elbow into an akward position because you will have the freedom of movement without changing your grip or position. The unique design of the "Roto EPS" will also prevent you from applying Horizontal Thumb Pressure (HTP) and will prevent and alleviate repetitive motion and carpal tunnel syndrome. Roto EPS also features a patented EPS Stabilizer that provides added support, comfort and stability.

*Important Note: The Roto EPS is NOT a swivel thumb scissor and it was NOT designed to replace a swivel thumb scissor.

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Unlike any other scissor manufacturer, Hikari is the only company that can truly look at a scissor from a stylist’s point of view. Being founded by and still run by hairdressers, we have insight that no other company has. We have the first hand experience and genuine understanding of the true benefit a stylist can have from their tools. Our passion for the beauty industry and demand for perfection continues to drive us to pursue our founder's dream of creating the ultimate haircutting tools.

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