Caution!! Watch out for fake Hikari Shears

Unauthorized Hikari Dealers and Service Centers

We have recently received numerous complaints from customers that have unknowingly purchased fake Hikari shears or have had their Hikari shears damaged by a scissor sharpener that claims to be an authorized Hikari sharpener.

(Update: Click here for a picture of the latest fake Hikari being sold to salon)

Scissors that claim to be "made by Hikari"

We have also recently received reports from customers that say they have purchased scissors from various big name liquid companies or stylists that claim their private label scissors are made by the Hikari factory. Please note that any scissor that is made by Hikari will have the Hikari name or the trademark model name of Cosmos stamped on the scissor. If you do not clearly see the Hikari name stamped on the scissor or Cosmos stamped on the scissor, it is NOT made by Hikari, finished by Hikari, made with Hikari metal, etc. If any company or person makes this claim, please report this information to us via email or phone (info@hikariscissors.com, 310-516-0350). We will bring immediate legal action against these companies that are violating Federal US trademark laws in order to protect our customers.

Purchasing Scissors

If you decide to purchase a Hikari shear from one of our authorized dealers, please call or email us to confirm that this dealer is indeed an authorized Hikari distributor. Any Hikari shears that are not purchased from an authorized Hikari dealer is NOT covered by the Hikari warranty and could potentially be a fake or used Hikari scissor. Also note that any Hikari dealer on the internet that has a shopping cart or does not specify the area that they are authorized to sell in, is NOT a Hikari dealer. Hikari dealers are not allowed to have shopping carts and must specify their territory. This is done to make sure that every Hikari customer gets personal attention and receives outstanding customer service.

Scissor Sharpening

There are many companies that claim to be authorized Hikari sharpeners, trained by Hikari, used to work for Hikari, Hikari factory trained, etc. Please note that anyone other than HKR/Hikari Scissor Factory is not an authorized Hikari sharpener and voids the Hikari warranty. Use of these unauthorized facilities will most likely result in permanent damage to your scissor and unsatisfactory performance.