A Unique Opportunity to Own or Rent our Best Scissor!
Dragon Cosmos Display Sale and Payment Plan Special!
Your dream scissor just became a reality! This may be the last scissor you buy!

Model 171 (5.8")
Special Price: 1850.00
$545.00 Down

Model 172 (6.3")
Special Price: 1950.00
$595.00 Down

"I can't leave home without these. These are my favorite pair of scissors, and i just have one. One does it all for me. It's great for dry cutting. It's great for wet cutting. So, it's a really good hybrid..."
Anh Co Tran
(Popular Celebrity Hair Stylist and world renowned educator).

**Note: This is a quote from Anh Co Tran's YouTube video "Anh Tran's Must Have Tools," where he lists 6 of his favorite must have's in his travel kit. However, this is not an endorsement for Hikari scissors, nor does it reflect what scissors Anh is currently using or endorsing.**

Dragon Cosmos has revolutionized the industry with the ultimate scissor for dry and wet hair. You can now own the Dragon Cosmos for as low as $545* down and payments as low as $150*/month.
(171: $545* down, 172: $595* down (*plus tax if located in CA))

**Special Dragon Cosmos Rent to Own Program**
No Interest, No Payment Plan Fee, No Finance Charge
No payments for 3 months and a Special Bonus!

We have a limited amount of Dragon Cosmos scissors that were used for display purposes only (they were not used to cut hair) and are in perfect condition. So we are offering them with very special terms to make them affordable for everyone.

Here are the program details:

The down payment is to rent the scissor for 3 months or can be used as a down payment toward the purchase of the scissor. Before the 3 months are over, you have the option to do one of the following:

Option 1: Return the scissor: Contact us for a return authorization number and a prepaid shipping label, and return the scissor within 3 months. Your credit/debit card will not be charged the balance. (Note: if the scissor is not received by Hikari within 3 months of the initial $545-$595 down payment, your credit/debit card will be charged $150 a month (plus tax if you are located in California) until the remaining balance is paid).

Option 2: Keep the scissor: We will charge your credit/debit card $150*/month until the remaining balance is paid. The $150* monthly charges will start 3 months after the initial $545-$595* down payment. (For example: Model 172 is $1950*. The balance after the $595* down payment will be $1355*. There will be 8 payments of $150* each and a 9th payment of $155*
(* plus tax if located in CA).

**BONUS OFFER!! Make your first 8 payments with no declines
and we will waive your final payment! A savings of up to $155!**
Note: The down payment is to rent the scissor for 3 months or will be your down payment if you choose to purchase the scissor. Please note that because this is a very special opportunity and quantities are limited, the down payment is nonrefundable and there will be no exceptions. However, if within 30 days, you need to return the scissor for any reason, there will only be a $100 return fee. This offer is only valid on select quantities of Dragon Cosmos. Please contact us before ordering if you have any questions.