Quick Tip: How to Keep Your Removable Finger Rest from Ever Coming Off Again!


(Model Shown: Classic Cosmos)

Are you tired of your finger rest loosening and falling off? Follow these easy step by step instructions to help keep your finger rest in place. Don't lose another finger rest.

Tighten your finger rest, the best you can, by hand.


Then, use a pair of pliers to tighten the rest, so that it is nice and snug. We recommend only giving it a half turn with the pliers.


This should secure the rest, and prevent the rest from ever coming off again! If the rest does continue to come loose and fall off, after you have done this, you may need to replace your finger rest. Sometimes the rest can become stripped if it is continuously tightened.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have the plastic finger rest (as shown below) DO NOT use pliers to tighten. We recommend tightening by hand only! And, be careful not to overtighten it! Overtightening can strip the threads on the rest and the plastic will come off.


(Models Shown: Moda Z and Beam Cosmos)

If your rest will not tighten, it is time to replace it! Not to worry...we do have rests readily available. And, the good news is there are only two sizes of threads used universally.

**Due to the rests being interchangeable, this allows us to replace the plastic rest with a metal rest, upon request. Finger rests are $5.00/each + shipping.**

REMINDER: Don't forget, when you receive your new rest, follow the above steps to secure it and prevent it from coming off!

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