Payment Plan Set-Up


This item is to activate your payment plan. If you have already paid your deposit online via PayPal, we will deduct the $10 from your payment plan balance. If you have not made a deposit, we will charge the remaining balance of the deposit when we process your order. Payments will proceed monthly as agreed upon. We will ship your order within one business day and you will receive an updated itemized invoice of your purchase. You will also receive tracking information from USPS or UPS in a separate email.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Phone: 310-516-0350. Email: We are here for you!

NOTE: Please do not add any other items to your cart. The online setup process will charge your credit/debit card only $10.00.

At this time, you can NOT use Pay Pal checkout for payment plan purchases. If you do use Pay Pal checkout for your payment plan purchase, we will issue a refund and your order will not be processed.  You must pay via credit/debit card, so that we can setup your monthly recurring payments for the balance due. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



By submitting your Payment Plan Set-Up you are agreeing to this promissory note, I am obligated to pay the balance due and I am liable for any costs incurred to collect on defaulted payments.

Therefore, I will promptly notify Hikari at (310) 516-0350 regarding any changes to my credit/debit card account that may affect the processing of payments.

I understand that failure to make timely payments in accordance with the listed schedule may result in Hikari sending this debt for collections.  Should this occur, I will be responsible for immediately paying the entire remaining balance, a late fee of $100.00, interest of 10%, and any associated collection costs and legal fees.