Roto EPS Rent to Own Payment Plan Special!

A Unique Opportunity to "test drive" the only scissor with a rotational handle!

(Please note: Quantities are limited)

Rent the Roto EPS for 3 months and choose to purchase or return it!

Super low down payment ($350), no payments for 3 months!

**Important Note: At this time, you can NOT use Pay Pal checkout for rent to own purchases. If you do use Pay Pal checkout for your rent to own purchase, we will issue a refund and your order will not be processed.  You must pay via credit or debit card, so that we can setup your monthly recurring payments for the balance due. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.**

Many of our customers have told us that they love the idea of using the 1st scissor with a rotational handle. However, due to the unique design, many were not sure how it would work for them and have asked about the possibility of trying it for an extended period of time before purchasing.

Now, you can rent to own the Roto EPS, for $350* down and payments of $115.00*-$121.88*/month (*plus tax if located in CA).

**Special Roto EPS Rent to Own Program**

Pay $350 down plus shipping (and tax, if you are located in California). This $350 is to rent the scissor for 3 months or can be used as a down payment toward the purchase of the scissor.

Before the 3 months are over, you have the option to do one of the following:

  1. Return the scissor: Contact us for a return authorization number and a prepaid shipping label, and return the scissor within 15 days. Your credit/debit card will not be charged the balance. (Note: if the scissor is not received by Hikari within 3 months of the initial $350 down payment, your credit/debit card will be charged $115.00-$121.88* a month until the remaining balance is paid) (*plus tax if you are located in CA).
  2. Keep the scissor: We will charge your credit/debit card $115.00-$121.88*/month until the remaining balance is paid. The $115.00-$121.88* monthly charges will start 3 months after the initial $350* down payment. (For example: Model R60 is $1270*. The balance after the $350* down payment will be $920*. There will be 8 payment of about $115.00* each (*plus tax if located in CA)).

To get the Roto EPS on the special rent to own program, use the special links below:

Special Price: $1270-$1325!

Model R60 (5.5")       Model R64 (6.0")