P60 (5.5″) “Phoenix Cosmos” RENT TO OWN Program

$2,170.00 $450.00

You are purchasing the Phoenix Cosmos (Display Model) model P60 on a special 3 month RENT TO OWN program.

Please completely read the description below for the terms and conditions of this program. By clicking “Add to cart”, you are agreeing to all the terms of this agreement. If you have any questions, please contact us before ordering.

The total price on the P60 is $1700 (plus tax if you are located in California)
Get $150 off!! See special bonus offer below!

**Due to the longer more ergonomic handle, the blade on the Phoenix Cosmos, and all scissor models featuring EPS, will run slightly shorter than other models with the same overall length. The overall length of the P60 is 6.0″, however, this scissor will feel similar to a 5.5″ scissor. If you are currently using a 5.5″ scissor, we would recommend the P60. Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.**

**Larger, heavier and wider handles give the Phoenix Cosmos more power to cut through coarse hair. However, if you prefer sleeker and lighter handles, you may want to check out the Spark Cosmos.**

Please click here for additional information and images
(Also available in 5.0″6.25″, and 6.8″)


**Special Phoenix Cosmos Rent to Own Program!!**

Your credit card will be charged $450 (plus tax if you are located in California) plus shipping, upon check out. The $450 is to rent the scissor for 3 months or can be used as a down payment toward the purchase of the scissor. Note: The scissor you will receive is factory reconditioned. These scissors were used for display purposes at a Hikari trade show and shown to stylists. They were NOT used for cutting. They have been carefully inspected and serviced (as needed) by Hikari trained technicians and the condition has been evaluated as being just like new! This is a unique opportunity to rent or own one of our top of the line scissors at a huge savings!

Before the 3 months are over, you must choose one of the following:

1. Return the scissor: Contact us for a return authorization number and a prepaid shipping label and return the scissor within 15 days. Your credit/debit card will not be charged the balance. Note: If the scissor is not received by Hikari within 3 months of the initial $450 down payment, your credit/debit card will be charged $150 a month (plus tax if you are located in California) until the remaining balance is paid.

2. Keep the scissor: We will charge your credit/debit card $150 a month (plus tax if you are located in California) until the remaining the balance is paid. The $150 monthly charges will start 3 months after the initial $450 down payment. The P60 total cost is $1700 (plus tax if you are located in California). The balance after the $450 down payment will be $1250 (plus tax if you are located in CA). There will be 8 payments of $150 each (plus tax if located in CA) and 9th payment of $50 (plus tax if located in CA).

BONUS OFFER!! Make your first 7 payments with no declines and we will waive part of your 8th payment ($100) and your 9th payment ($50)! A savings of $150!

Note: The $450 paid today is to rent the scissor for 3 months or will be your down payment if you choose to purchase the scissor. Please note that because this is a very special opportunity and quantities are limited, the $450 is nonrefundable and there will be no exceptions. However, if within 30 days, you need to return the scissor for any reason, there will be a $100 return fee. This offer is only valid on select quantities of Phoenix Cosmos. Please contact us before ordering if you have any questions.

For complete details on the Phoenix Cosmos model P60, please click here.

(By purchasing this item you are agreeing to this promissory note, I am obligated to pay the balance due and am liable for any costs incurred to collect on defaulted payments. Therefore, I will promptly notify Hikari at (310) 516-0350 regarding any changes to my credit card account that may affect the processing of payments.

I understand that failure to make timely payments in accordance with the listed schedule may result in Hikari sending this debt for collections. Should this occur, I will be responsible for immediately paying the entire remaining balance, a late fee of $100.00, interest of 10%, and any associated collection costs and legal fees)